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The Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) or Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) has duties and responsibilities related to paitent care in the ambulatory clinic enviroment. The individual displays responsible behaviors, communicates effectively to others and fuctions as a member of the healthcare team. The CMA/ RMA fuctions under the direct supervision and authority of the physician when performing clinical tasks during patient care. The CMA/RMA reports to the clinic manager, who is responsible for administrative supervision, staff development, and orientation of the CMA/RMA to the area's policies and procedures. The MA must demonstrate competency in skills related to the performance of patient care. The CMA/RMA demonstates problem- solving skills as they relate to patient care.




High School diploma/GED
Graduate of certified or registered Medical Assistant program with pharmacology




Certified or Registered Medical Assistant
Current Health Care Provider through the American Heart Association for the CPR certification





Outpatient clinic experience


100% Time Spent - Collects patient information.
Obtains and records patient's vital signs; temperature, pulse, respirations, blood pressure, weight and height.
Reports findings to Physican, and records on appropriate documentation forms in a timely manner.
Obtains additional data from patient and significant other based on initial data collection.
Performs chart review prior to clinic visit to obtain historical data.
Monitors patient status recognizing and reporting abnormal findings or changes in condition.
Confirms and clarifies written orders prior to implementation of delegated tasks.
Maintains and uses principles of aseptic techniques and infection control when performing clinical duties and tasks.
Under clinical supervision, performs delegated procedures common to the specialty area in a safe, effective manner according to Policy and Procedures.

Assists practitioner in identified patient procedures/treatments/examinations, (preparation, positioning, supples, equipment).
Proactively problem-solves and identifies solutions to barriers to safety.
Appropriately obtains and manages specimens.
Recognizes emergency situations and implements emergency procedures according to BDHG clinic guidelines.
Provides appropriate patient instruction in health information materials and community resource lists as directed by Physician.
Assists patients to exam room and prepares patients for examination. Identifies patients with special needs.
Orders, stocks, and maintains exam rooms and clinic areas.
Operates clinical equipment according to procedures including safety and quality control checks.
Ensures that soiled linen, needle containers, and potentially infectious waste are approrpiately disposed and removed from the clnic and exam area according to the infection control guidelines.
Performs related and delegated tasks, which includes requests for prescription refills, taking and relaying messages, directing patient flow.

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