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Job Description

Perform clerical duties in an outpatient clinic and provide assistance to the nursing staff with the goal of increasing efficiency, provider productivity and patient satisfaction. Provide telephone system switchboard duties, schedule diagnostic testing, pre-authorize testing and medications, assist patients with processing of paperwork for patient assistance programs. Work in tandem with all staff to see that referral sources received records in a timely manner. Assist physicians/healthcare team in the deliverance and coordination of patient care, in order to facilitate patient satisfaction, clinic efficiency, and physician productivity. May provide patient care and patient instructions under the directon of the clinic physician.




High school diploma/GED
Graduate of certified or registered Medical Assistant program




Certified or Registered Medical Assistant
Current Health Care Provider CPR certification




Computer ability, customer service experience


Outpatient clinic experience, Windows proficiency
Knowledge of electronic health record operating systems, 2 years medical/clinical office experience

25% Time Spent - Greet and process patients, insure accurate datea input
25% Time Spent - Answer phones/schedule appointments, respond to internal and external tasks/messages in a timely manner.
15% Time Spent - According to clinic guidelines, collaborat with physician, act on physician response, and communicate with patient; document task/communications in E H R/paper chart.
10% Time Spent - Scan medical records and sort faxes and mail
15% Time Spent - Coordinate care for walk-in patients, provide service recovery, assist with clinic quality activities.
10% Time Spent - Other duties as assigned by Clinic Supervisor or Clinic Manager.The % of time involved in the above mentioned essential functions will vary dependent upon particular clinic assignment.

Montana Rules Governing Medical Assistant: 24.156.640 MEDICAL ASSISTANT(1) For the purpose of this rule, the following definitions apply:(a) "Direct supervision" means the supervisor is within audible and visible reach of the person being supervised.(b) "Office" means a location that a physician or podiatrist designates as the physician's or podiatrist's office, but excludes acute care or long term care facilities. However, the physician or podiatrist may utilize a building which houses an emergency room, acute care, or long term care facility for scheduled services.(c) "Onsite supervision" means the supervisor is in the facility and quickly available to the person being supervised.(d) "Supervision" means accepting responsibility for, and overseeing the medical services of, a medical assistant by telephone, radio or in person as frequently as necessary considering the location, nature of practice and experience of the medical assistant.(2) Medical assistants shall work under the supervision of a Montana-licensed physician or podiatrist who is responsible for assigning administrative and clinical tasks to the medical assistant relating to the physician or podiatrist's practice of medicine.(3) Physician or podiatrist supervision shall be active and continuous but does not require the physical presence of the supervising physician or podiatrist at the time and place that services are rendered so long as the physician or podiatrist is available for consultation, except that physician or podiatrist supervision shall be onsite when a medical assistant performs:(a) invasive procedures;(b) administers medicine; or(c) performs allergy testing.

(4) The supervising physician or podiatrist is responsible for determining the competency of a medical assistant to perform the administrative and clinical tasks assigned to the medical assistant. Assigned tasks must be consistent with the supervising physician or podiatrist's education, training, experience, and active practice. Assigned tasks must be the type that a reasonable and prudent physician (or podiatrist) would find within the scope of sound medical judgment to assign. Assigned tasks, other than those tasks enumerated in 37-3-104 (1) (b) , MCA, shall be routine, technical tasks for which the medical assistant has been appropriately trained. A physician (or podiatrist) may only assign tasks that the physician (or podiatrist) is qualified to perform and tasks that the physician (or podiatrist) has not been legally restricted from performing. Any tasks performed by the medical assistant will be held to the same standard that is applied to the supervising physician or podiatrist.(a) Assigned tasks cannot be subsequently assigned to another party by the medical assistant.(5) The supervising physician or podiatrist's office shall ensure that patients are informed when a medical assistant is seeing them and shall ensure that assigned tasks are provided in the context of an appropriate physician/patient relationship. A medical assistant shall wear a name badge that includes the title "medical assistant".

(6) A medical assistant must be a graduate of an accredited medical assisting program or possess experience, training or education sufficient, in the supervising physician or podiatrist's opinion, to perform assigned duties responsibly, safely and conscientiously. It is the responsibility of the physician (or podiatrist) to ensure that the medical assistant has the necessary education, training or experience to perform the assigned task.(7) The following tasks may not be assigned to a medical assistant:(a) any invasive procedures, including injections other than immunizations, in which human tissue is cut or altered by mechanical or energy forms, including electrical or laser energy or ionizing radiation, unless under the onsite supervision of a physician or podiatrist;(b) care of an in-patient admitted to an acute care hospital facility licensed by DPHHS;(c) conscious sedation monitoring, unless under the direct supervision of a physician or podiatrist;(d) administering fluids or medications through an IV, unless under the direct supervision of a physician or podiatrist; and(e) administering blood products by IV.(8) Health care providers licensed in this state or any other jurisdiction whose licenses have been restricted, suspended, revoked or voluntarily relinquished in lieu of discipline are prohibited from working in a physician or podiatrist's office as an unlicensed medical assistant. History: 37-3-104, 37-3-203, MCA; IMP, 37-3-104, MCA; NEW, 2006 MAR p. 759, Eff. 3/24/06.

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Full Time

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